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Zhejiang Rongyao Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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Zhejiang Huangyan Kangda Animal Health Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Rongyao Chemical Co.,Ltd., is a special veterinary medicine manufacturer, appointed by the Agriculture Bureau of Zhejiang province, It is located in Wangxi(Huangyan Zhejiang) Chemical area, which has complete public work. It has good chemical technology. advanced detectors to develope new products. The main products. such as Arsanilic acid, Zoalene, Roxarsone, Betaine, Allicin. Nitarsone, Chromium Picolinate, Vc-2-ester tripolyphosphate, Closantel, Diclazuril and Cyromazine have been manufactured on large scale. The totale quantity has been over 1000 tons. We develope the new products depened on the unite of the practice and theory manufacture and research. we have been developed several products which posess high technology. The Arsanilic acid has been named as 95'National Grade New Products and got the silver prize of the Second Chinese Agriculture Exposition, 98'Famous and High Quality Veterinary Medicine of Zhejiang Market.Roxarsone has been named as 96'National Grade New Product.Zoalene has been named as 98'Famous and High Quality Veterinary Medicine of Zhejiang Market. Betain has been named as 97'National Grade New products. Nitarsone has been got the GMP Certification of FDA,and has been exported to U.S.A. The quality of Our products has got the praise of the customer and Our company has been named as one of 97'the best economic benefits industry enterprise of Zhejiang province, the largest industry enterprise of Zhejiang specialize chemicals and ten best veterinary medicine enterprise of Zhejiang. Our compang also has been identified as the high-new techndogy enterprise outside the national economic development zone by Zhejiang province in April,2000. Both domestic and overseas customers are welcome to our company.

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